Feature Film & Documentary

Feature and documentary filmmakers at the NALIP Media Summit will explore innovative ways to create with us. Content creators will be equipped on new opportunities and transformative tools on how to navigate the new parameters of feature films and documentary.

At the NALIP Media Summit, we will explore and analyze current trends, issues, and future perspectives of films and documentaries that are being developed, as well as how Latinos can actively contribute to the subject. The convergence of media has greatly affected traditional filmmakers. For better or worse, there are tremendous opportunities for feature narrative filmmakers and documentarians. Come create with us and learn what this ever changing industry has to offer Latino content creators.

4:00 — 5:00pm
Activism: 'Create as act of Resistance'
Latino Lens

Activism and the elements that make a compelling demonstration go beyond the participants. How can people gather and share their thoughts and opinions? What are the most effective forms of activism? Most importantly, how can film and television serve as an act of resistance?

4:00 — 5:00pm
Animation Master Class
Presented by Disney
Creator's Studio 1
10:30 — 11:30am
PBS Panel
Presented by PBS
Creator's Studio 2
9:00 — 10:00am
Docs on-the-go: Convergence Of Media
Creator's Studio 1

During a time of fast-paced media consumption, this session will focus on the hybrid between journalism, documentary and new platforms that allow Latinx voices to be heard. As we maneuver the next four years under a new presidential administration, we want to empower our members to share compassion and empathy through the many stories begging to be told within our nation and our world.

5:30 — 7:30pm
NALIP Diverse Women in Media Initiative
Creator's Studio 2

NALIP Digital Trailblazer Recognition Award: Part I 5:30 - 6:30pm

Digital Trailblazer Recognition award.

Signature Conversation: 6:30 - 7:30pm

This panel will focus on NALIP’s efforts to champion, support and effectively empower women via the Diverse Women in Media initiative.



4:00 — 6:30pm
CPB Panel followed by a Mixer
Creator's Studio 1

This panel will be followed by a mixer from 6pm -8pm



Presented and hosted by CPB  

5:30 — 6:30pm
Disney Television Animation Panel
Creator's Lounge - The Ray Dolby Ballroom

Presented by Disney ABC Television Group

2:30 — 3:30pm
International Co-Productions & Ventures
Creator's Studio 1

Discuss the financial opportunities that exist for independent producers through international co-productions and ventures with industry leaders. Panelists will analyze the benefits and highlight challenges in regards to packaging, production, distribution and financing. Discover the opportunities available within Latin American film market and how to properly navigate these markets.



2:30 — 3:30pm
The Art of Adapting

A discussion on the different approaches and techniques involved in the process of adapting an intellectual property, as well as the challenges involved when doing remakes and non-fiction format adaptations.

9:30 — 10:30am
Latino Media Market: How to Pitch Workshop
(Restricted Access. By Invitation Only)
Latino Media Market

The LMM session will share with the NALIP Latino Media Market Official Selections techniques and tools to pitch their project in order to build a relationship in the industry, secure distribution or completion funds for their project.

10:30 — 11:30am
Documentary in the Digital Era
Creators Studio 1

Documentary is an ever evolving form of storytelling that has adapted, since its beginnings, to different technologies and audiences. Panelists will discuss how they seize the opportunities that digital technology has to offer and the importance of focusing on good storytelling to keep audiences engaged. 

10:30 — 11:30am
Creator's Studio 3

Film and television composers discuss the art of enhancing a story through music. Composers will discuss the breadth of music used in film and television, including their own experience in classical and electronic music. Whether it's meant to excite or desolate, explore the elements of a great score.


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