Friday, June 23

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8:00 — 9:30am

Latino Media Market: Registration + Orientation (Restricted Access. By Invitation Only)

Latino Media Market

8:00 am - 8:30 am: REGISTRATION

Registration for Latino Media Market participants opens.


8:45 am - 9:30 am: ORIENTATION

The Latino Media Market (LMM) Orientation will go into detail on the Latino Media Market sessions with LMM finalists. 

Speakers: Byan Bravo (NALIP Production Coordinator), Natalia Arevalo (NMS Coordinator), David Gaxiola (Latino Media Market Coordinator)

8:00 — 4:00pm

Registration Day 2

Pre-Function Terrace

Registration for The 2017 NALIP Media Summit continues.


8:15 — 10:00am

Energize Coffee Break Presented by

Creator's Lounge

Creators! Get your day started off right as there is a jam packed, event-filled on this second day of the NALIP Media Summit. This will be located at the Creators Lounge in the Ray Dolby Ballroom. Interact, network, and re-energize in our Creator's Lounge and enjoy some coffee refreshments.

9:30 — 10:30am

Latino Media Market: How to Pitch Workshop (Restricted Access. By Invitation Only)

Latino Media Market

The LMM session will share with the NALIP Latino Media Market Official Selections techniques and tools to pitch their project in order to build a relationship in the industry, secure distribution or completion funds for their project.

10:00 — 4:00pm

Creator's Lounge - NALIP Media Summit 2017

Creators Lounge

Summit attendees will network with Summit sponsors and exhibitors who will display career opportunities, diversity programs and initiatives. You will also enjoy screenings and panels in the lounge! This space is meant for all creators to mingle and create ideas to build on!

The Creators Lounge is open to all Summit pass holders, NALIP members and non-pass holders! Make sure to RSVP!

10:30 — 11:30am

Inside the Sundance Labs with Miguel Arteta and John Lopez Presented by Sundance

Latino Lens Space

The Sundance Labs are just the beginning of our year-round support of groundbreaking artists in a variety of mediums, but there are many misconceptions as to what that support consists of and what kinds of filmmakers and projects make the cut. Sundance alumni Miguel Arteta and John Lopez share insights about their own experiences at the Screenwriters, Directors, and Episodic Labs, what it really takes to see a project through to completion, and how Sundance can be instrumental in moving it forward.

10:30 — 11:30am

Critical Voices: The Importance of Film Critics of Color

Creators Studio 1

Discussions about diversity in the entertainment industry have reached a fever pitch. What's often ignored is the importance of film and television critics from all backgrounds. Along with an increase in movies and TV shows focusing on people of color, we need diverse critics to analyze these stories. You'll hear from critics of color about why they're uniquely positioned to write about issues of diversity, and how their point of view is vital to criticism. Filmmakers will learn who and how to pitch to increase media awareness of their diverse projects. Movie fans will come away with an understanding of why the field of criticism desperately needs a shakeup.

10:30 — 11:30am

Creating Content for the Future (VR + 360)

Creators Studio 3

VR content creators and professionals in the field come together to discuss the leadings trends in virtual reality content creation. Panelists will share practical solutions for creating virtual reality content, as well as insight on where the current shift in the industry is headed throughout the next few years. The discussion on VR will come from several angles, such as video games, film, and visual arts.

Speakers: Angel Manuel Soto

10:30 — 11:30am

The Strategy Behind Audience Making

Creators Studio 2

Panelists will demystify data insights to share the power with independent producers on the web and social media. Learn how to read and respond to data management of viewership, consumption behavior, and audiences profiles from streaming and online platforms. Use data management to your advantage as a storyteller. Panelists will provide actionable insights that can lead to building better audiences with increased engagement.

11:00 — 6:00pm

Latino Media Market: Executive Meetings (Restricted Access. By Invitation Only)

Latino Media Market

Day One of the Latino Media Market: Industry executives take meetings from selected participants to pitch their documentary, low-budget feature, TV/streaming or digital web series idea in order to secure completion funds or distribution.

12:00 — 1:30pm

Friday Keynote Luncheon Presented by HBO

The Ray Dolby Ballroom: Salon 1 + 2

A keynote luncheon conversation with David Levine

Hearing "greenlight," is music to the ears, but the track to that goal can be riddled with complex obstacles. The Co-Head of Drama, HBO Programming will share insights and experiences on the process of greenlighting a project. 

Attendees interested in joining this luncheon may purchase an all-inclusive registration pass which includes Friday and Saturday Keynotes or purchase the passes separately. To purchase your pass, please click on GET YOUR PASS at the top right corner of the website!



12:00 — 1:00pm

Beyond The Score

Creators Studio 1

Film and television composers discuss the art of enhancing a story through music. Composers will discuss the breadth of music used in film and television, including their own experience in classical and electronic music. Whether it's meant to excite or desolate, explore the elements of a great score.

2:00 — 2:30pm

Energize Coffee Networking Break

Creator's Lounge

Creators! Get your day started off right as there is a jam packed, event-filled on this second day of the NALIP Media Summit. This will be located at the Creators Lounge in the Ray Dolby Ballroom. Interact, network, and re-energize in our Creator's Lounge and enjoy some coffee refreshments.

2:30 — 3:30pm

Short Form Comedy: A Laugh a Minute


It's more than just laughs and one-liners. Our comedy aficionados discuss short-form comedy and how to navigate the space in a way that is both creative and profitable. Panelists will cover how to build yourself as a storyteller and differentiate yourself from others within the realm of Snapchat and YouTube. What does it take to pack hilarious, relatable and powerful content into a 10-minute or less video? How has comedy with a social-conscious shifted the humor that transcends?

2:30 — 3:30pm

Indies for a More Perfect Union Presented by ITVS

Creators Studio 2

Bold storytelling builds a more just society and ITVS works in partnership with independents to bring those stories to American and global audiences. An in-depth charla of how ITVS develops and supports work that takes creative risks, tackles complex issues, and our commitment to diversity - on both sides of the camera.

Speakers: Grace Lee (Producer, Director KTOWN ’92), Katia Maguire (Co-Director, Producer HOME TRUTH)
Moderator: Monika Navarro, Sr. Manager of Content + Initiatives, ITVS


2:30 — 3:30pm

Give me the Greenlight

Latino Lens Space

Execs will share their thoughts, insights and methods when it comes to greenlighting shows for television, what type of content are networks looking to develop and the importance of inclusion and unique voices in this process

2:30 — 3:30pm

Sharing Our Stories: Beyond Diversity

Creators Studio 3

Conversation on diverse stories shared across film and television, to shed light on networks and studios that are actively developing and promoting content to demonstrate inclusion with a distinctive point of view. Panelists will share their experience in telling stories of people of color and discuss the ways in which the entertainment industry will continue to shift with respect to inclusion.

Speakers: Gabriela Cocco-Sanchez (Head of Development, El Rey)

2:30 — 3:30pm

Adaptation: Crossing Markets

Creators Studio 1

Discover the financial opportunities and challenges producers face when venturing markets abroad. Speakers will share insights through case studies, how to successfully adapt IP from paper to screen and from one market to another. Learn how to properly navigate the Latin American market and beyond, as well as the benefits it brings for independent producers.

4:00 — 6:30pm

Create and Engage with Public Media: The Pushouts Documentary Case Study Presented by CPB

Creator's Studio 1

Presented and hosted by CPB  


Join public media producers and professionals to discuss how new content creation and distribution models are being developed with innovative engagement strategies as the package for compelling storytelling that connects with broad audiences and inspires meaningful dialogue. With The Pushouts as a case study, panelists will explore public media production, touching on topics of effective engagement campaigns, alternative distribution, high-impact local and national partnerships, and new audience research, as CPB continues its support of content related to the Latino community.

Speakers: Dawn Valadez, Producer & Director, The Pushouts; Luis Ortiz, Managing Director, Latino Public Broadcasting; Chris Hastings, Executive Producer, WORLD Channel

This panel will be followed by a Mixer hosted by CPB.

4:00 — 5:00pm

Producers' Master Class

Latino Lens Space
4:00 — 5:00pm

Content For the Next Gen

Creators Studio 3

This session will examine the experiences of executives working in global production powerhouses creating world-class independent content for different platforms, networks, and buyers. Find out how diversity and multiculturalism plays a key role in the creation process and what is engaging this generation, as well as what's on the radar for the future.

5:30 — 6:30pm

Directors' Master Class Director's Master Class

Creators Studio 2
5:30 — 7:30pm

NALIP Diverse Women in Media Initiative

Latino Lens Space

5:30 pm - 6:10pm   NALIP Digital Trailblazer Recognition Award

Digital Trailblazer Recognition award, presented by Ana Flores. 

6:20 pm - 7:15 pm   Signature Conversation with Xan Aranda, Amy Gravitt and Melonie Diaz. Moderated by Kelly Edwards. 

The women behind the upcoming HBO series Room 104 engage in a signature conversation to discuss their experience and the process of putting together an anthology series set inside a hotel room. They will also share insights on the present and future of the role women play across media and what are the next steps.

7:15 pm  - 8:00 pm  Mixer


5:30 — 6:30pm

Latinos in TV Animation Presented by Disney ABC Television Group

Creators Studio 3

Disney|ABC Television Group will showcase a panel with top Latino writers, producers and artists from across Disney Television Animation discussing the variety of career opportunities in television animation and the process of creating an animated series.


8:00 — 10:30pm

HBO Welcome Reception Presented by HBO

Loews Pool Deck

HBO invites you all to their Welcome Reception happening after the second day of the 2017 NALIP Media Summit. Join us for an unforgettable night among the stars at the Loews Hollywood pool where you can enjoy appetizers and refreshments with other content makers in the industry.

Presented by HBO



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