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Virtual Reality is the future of media it has unlimited possibilities for exploration. We invite content creators to create with us and discuss the current and future opportunities of the newly-discovered media component and how it integrates with traditional styles of storytelling.

Major emerging tech companies and traditional media companies are advocating the idea that content is not only to be watched, but to be experienced. Create with us and witness the projected and the immediate actionable outcomes of virtual reality. At this year's summit we will immerse Latino content creators by presenting them with demonstrations from tech, virtual reality and augmented reality companies. This immersive media will give countless avenues of capitalization, experimentation and provide a new look into how we consume and experience media.

Creating Content for the Future (VR + 360)
Creating Content for the future (VR and 360)
Latino Lens Space

VR content creators and professionals in the field come together to discuss the leadings trends in virtual reality content creation. Panelists will share practical solutions for creating virtual reality content, as well as insight on where the current shift in the industry is headed throughout the next few years. The discussion on VR will come from several angles, such as video games, film, and visual arts.

Speakers: Angel Manuel Soto



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