Streaming & Digital

Gone are the days where your only source of information was through a television. In today's society, media is accessible through multiple platforms, with the most popular being digital. The streaming and digital industry has grown immensely and it will only continue to do so with the advancement of technology. This means more content makers will not only explore the digital industry, but come up with new strategies to target audiences. We believe it is important to discuss the importance of the industry and explore how these mediums will proceed to attract new viewers. The convergence and intersection of these avenues will influence the opportunities presented to Latino content creators trying to enter the fields, which is why we want to start a discussion and ask you create with us.

The Power of Originals
Creators Studio 1

In a time where digital platforms are succeeding and growing their audience, panelists will discuss the value of buying and producing original content. Join the discussion as panelists reveal the challenges of developing original stories, what type of content they’re looking for and how does a diverse cast contribute to build the global appeal.

An Authentic Brand Story
(NALIP Insights)
Creators Studio 3

Branded Content Panelists share their experience and thoughts on new trends and innovative ideas to keep audiences engaged with creative branded content initiatives. Panelists present specific cases in which original branded content formulas were successful as they share the best ways to resonate with digitally savvy consumers.

Content For the Next Gen
Creators Studio 3

This session will examine the experiences of executives working in global production powerhouses creating world-class independent content for different platforms, networks, and buyers. Find out how diversity and multiculturalism plays a key role in the creation process and what is engaging this generation, as well as what's on the radar for the future.


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