The television industry is facing new challenges as it competes with digital and streaming platforms, and content creators now have to develop new strategies to compete with other mediums and attract viewers. It is essential for upcoming content makers to be informed on the current trends of television and how they are adapting in order to understand the future of television. Join us as we explore the creative process, television culture and trends in the industry with experts.

Give me the Greenlight
Latino Lens Space

Execs will share their thoughts, insights and methods when it comes to greenlighting shows for television, what type of content are networks looking to develop and the importance of inclusion and unique voices in this process

Triple Threat: Latino, Gay and A Writer!
Presented by WGA
Latino Lens Space

A conversation with WGAW writers breaking through the Hollywood system. Join us as they discuss the art form, stereotypes sometimes imposed on Latinos and the LGBTQ community, and learn from the journeys they have taken to become the writers they are today. 

Moderator: Marcos Nájera

Speakers: Michelle Badillo, Steven Canals, Tanya Saracho, and Jorge Ramirez-Martinez.



Tech Workshop
Presented By
Creators Studio 2
Producers' Master Class
Latino Lens Space
Latino Voices in Comedy
Creators Studio 3

Rising Latinx comedians discuss how they navigate today's comedy landscape and how they have made a name for their self. Panelists will share their break into the industry, their experience, and how to use your identity as a differentiator within the market. Gain insider knowledge into building a following, overcoming challenges, and creating your own style of comedy.

Sharing Our Stories: Beyond Diversity
Creators Studio 3

Conversation on diverse stories shared across film and television, to shed light on networks and studios that are actively developing and promoting content to demonstrate inclusion with a distinctive point of view. Panelists will share their experience in telling stories of people of color and discuss the ways in which the entertainment industry will continue to shift with respect to inclusion.

Speakers: Gabriela Cocco-Sanchez (Head of Development, El Rey)

Friday Keynote Luncheon
Presented by HBO
The Ray Dolby Ballroom: Salon 1 + 2

A keynote luncheon conversation with David Levine

Hearing "greenlight," is music to the ears, but the track to that goal can be riddled with complex obstacles. The Co-Head of Drama, HBO Programming will share insights and experiences on the process of greenlighting a project. 

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The Strategy Behind Audience Making
Creators Studio 2

Panelists will demystify data insights to share the power with independent producers on the web and social media. Learn how to read and respond to data management of viewership, consumption behavior, and audiences profiles from streaming and online platforms. Use data management to your advantage as a storyteller. Panelists will provide actionable insights that can lead to building better audiences with increased engagement.


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