Supervising Producer | Pero Like

Alexis Tirado is an award-winning multi-platform journalist and producer. She is a Supervising Producer at BuzzFeed, the leading independent digital media company with hundreds of millions of consumers around the world. She runs Pero Like, the Latinx brand of BuzzFeed that’s focused on woke, humorous and culturally relevant video and social media for Latinx across the country. Previously, Alexis was the managing editor of Upworthy, the media brand responsible for making meaningful stories go viral. Prior to Upworthy, she was the Editorial Director of Flama, Univison’s first English-language digital destination designed exclusively for U.S. born Hispanic Millennials. In 2010, Alexis was selected out of over 8,500 candidates to become Alicia Keys' head blogger. She has also worked as writer and editor for MTV, Martha Stewart, Latina and Time Out New York.


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