Art Director/ Creator

Andrea Fernandez is a dynamic and entrepreneurial artist whose vivid worldbuilding has made her a vital asset to her various professional projects. With demonstrated comfort and success in the worlds of publishing, toys and games, and animation, Andrea’s work has a commercially successful look which, paired with her unique style and vision, appeals to parents and children alike. A tenacious and imaginative leader, Andrea loves to develop new intellectual properties and build vibrant, complex worlds that are populated with characters that feel real and relatable - and look as different from each other as real kids do. In her work as an art director, character designer, and visual artist, she has developed multiple innovative properties that have enjoyed commercial and critical success. Currently she is Art Directing Unikitty! the series, for Warner Brothers and Lego on Cartoon Network.  

Other notable projects include, Disney's Puppydog Pals, Powderpuff Girls and Unikitty! Her work has earned three Toy of the Year nominations and a Best App of 2014 commendation. 

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