Empower the Public in Public Media

“Hey how are you?” is not a casual greeting in the Summer of 2020, but hey we REALLY we want to know-- how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, how you’re coping, surviving and yes- thriving. Creatives, filmmakers and distributors find a safe space where we talk about what life looks like as an independent maker in the midst of a pandemic while protests against police brutality and racism shift the world and stories we tell. Then, let’s discuss what we can ALL DO ABOUT IT as storytellers. This is the moment for the public in Public Media to show up and let us know how we can move the conversation forward and get sustainable results. What do you want the public in Public Media to look like in the future? LPB, ITVS, Independent Lens, POV, World Channel and PBS in conversation with Firelight Media’s Monika Navarro. Q&A to follow.

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June 30, 2020 at 11:30am - 1pm

  • Tuesday Schedule