Creator/ Co-Showrunner of Diary of a Future President

Latina Showrunners - June 29 @ 2:00PM PST


Ilana Peña is the creator, executive producer, and co-showrunner of Diary of a Future President on Disney+, which was just renewed for its second season. Previously, she wrote on the critically acclaimed “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” on the CW. She was also a co-writer of “Her Shorts” with Rachel Bloom, produced by Refinery29 and Planned Parenthood. Peña’s plays have been produced professionally in Chicago (Goodman Theatre Latino Theater Festival) and New York (INTAR Theatre), among others. She is the co-founder of See What Sticks, a monthly workshop with an audience in Los Angeles.


Twitter: @ilanacubana
Instagram: @lanstagram

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