Josh Stifter started movie making during his time in high school. After graduating, Stifter attended art college, graduated on the Dean's List, and later got into his true passion—2-D animation. He then began animating for Kevin Smith's podcast, making two minute cartoons from scratch—all while holding down a full-time job. After this, he began to work at a Christian media company, moving up to become an animation director. He then was able to work on bigger projects and won multiple awards for his work. Stifter has continued making fun animation and short films whenever he can, working on animated series to pitch with friends. For “Rebel Without A Crew” Stifter created The Good Exorcist, in which a quiet guest ranch in South Texas is befallen to a mysterious, demonic presence, it is up to an eccentric, wandering priest to find answers and dispel the darkness.

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