Writer, Co-Executive Producer | "The Runaways" (Marvel)

Kalinda was born and raised in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan to a Nuyorican father and Colombian mother. From as early as she can remember, she loved stories and consumed whatever books and television she could find. She frequently went to the movies with her father, who ignored MPAA ratings. (Seeing the film Aliens at age seven was a life changing experience for her). After college, Kalinda headed out west with dreams of working in the entertainment industry. She worked as an assistant for several years, then finally broke into professional writing on the former Fox series Prison Break. Her other credits include Human Target, Nikita, Once Upon a Time, Marvel’s Runaways and Fear the Walking Dead. Kalinda loves genre storytelling because it can serve up social commentary in a candy-covered shell of compelling narrative. Kalinda is honored to be a part of the NALIP media summit.

Twitter: @KalindaVazquez