Story Editor, NCIS: New Orleans

Writing Up The Ranks presented by The WGAW - Creator's Studio 2 - June 23, 2018

Katherine Beattie has been working in television for nearly a decade. She started her career at The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but quickly realized her heart was in scripted, so she quit her stable job to become a background actor. She made a real name for herself playing blurry nurses, party guests and restaurant patrons while working her way through the UCLA Extension Television Writing Program. She held various assistant jobs on series for Showtime, ABC and Freeform before landing at NCIS: New Orleans where she served as the Script Coordinator for the first 3 seasons, becoming a staff writer in season 4. Katherine is one of the rarest sights in any TV writers’ room – a Los Angeles native. She’s also disabled. Katherine is one of only a handful of competitive female WCMX riders, and is semi-internet famous for becoming the first woman to land a backflip on a wheelchair.

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