#FemaleTVDirectors - Latino Lens Space - June 22, 2018 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Linda Mendoza (Director) is from Detroit, Michigan. While attending Wayne State University and majoring in sociology, she landed her dream job working at Peaches Records and Tapes in Hollywood. With more free shirts, albums and concert tickets than any 20 year old could ask for, Linda moved to Los Angeles. But not to make movies or television, she came to work in a record store on Hollywood Blvd! When the music business changed and her store was closing, she interviewed for a job at Metromedia, Channel 11, as a television page. Female and Mexican, she filled a quota. From there, she decided to try production, starting in multi- camera/ variety, she worked her way up, the old fashioned way, with long hours and very little sleep. She would become the production supervisor/ associate director on a number of hit sketch show including “In Living Color,” “Saturday Night Live,” “House of Buggin” and would eventually direct “Mad TV”.


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